I have been custom fitting golfers for their equipment for the last 15 years and most recently doing flightscope and Trackman fittings to fit people for the latest in driver technology. Clubs like the new Taylormade R1, Wilson D100 and the Titleist 913 driver have interchangable heads and shfts with lots of amazing options for the customer… The difficulty is knowing which one is right for you! Coming shortly the NEW SLDR TAYLORMADE DRIVER with demo equipment and testing available.

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‘Making sure you have the right equipment for you’


Manufacturers build clubs to their own standard, but there is no ‘generic’ standard throughout golf. The performance characteristic between different makes and models varies tremendously so professional help is highly recommended. Golfers should use clubs suited to their swing, not change their swing to accommodate ill-suited clubs.

It is a myth to think you are not good enough to get your clubs custom fitted, whether you have been playing golf for twenty years, or you have just started out.

Your game WILL improve though custom fitting…..whether you are buying a set of irons or just a wedge, your game WILL improve through custom fitting!

Unless you are purchasing your very first set of clubs, the custom fitting process commences with a full analysis of your current equipment. I will measure lengths, lofts, lie angles, true flex of the shaft, swing weight, and grip size/condition from driver to putter.


We can fit you up for the length, weight and lie of you putter and even amend it on the spot with our NEW in house loft and lie machine.

We ask every client what his/her aim or target is. For some this may be an extra 30 yards, for others to hit their shots more consistently, to flight the ball lower or higher, or possibly just to see whether there is something better available.

Using all of our technologies we can analyse your golf clubs to determine whether they are correct for you or not. This can be really useful when deciding if its time for a change in equipment or not. All of the equipment that we use for custom fitting can also be used to analyse existing clubs and at Pryors Hayes we have the expertise to carry out alterations and improvements to make your clubs perform better for you.