Golf Lessons in Warrington at Poulton Park Golf Academy

Poulton Park Golf Club is now one of Cheshire’s Premier short game coaching facilities. As head coach with over 20 years of experience I feel that with the new state of the art teaching studio including flightscope radar ball tracking and video analysis technology we can now offer everything a golf pupil could need. We have a fantastic short game facility, 2 putting greens and use of the golf course for teaching.
We now have a fantastic reputation for Golf lessons in Cheshire and particulary in the Warrington area, come down and see us soon.


Golf lessons start from just £20 and I offer buy 5 and get one free with gift vouchers available as a great gift for a birthday, fathers day or Christmas. With 12 months in which to use a voucher its a great gift whatever the time of year.


V1 Pro coaching

Is an advanced version of the V1 offering yet another level of video analysis tools. It is a patented V1 software product that combines all the advanced motion analysis features found in the earlier software plus “hands-free” automatic video capture. Once captured the video clip is a file which can be viewed, saved or transmitted with no need for editing.
The ability to create lesson videos developed during a “live” analysis session and delivered on a CD/ DVD, or emailed as an attachment or a lesson developed for delivery via V1’s, my_Pro, distance learning technology, back to the student for viewing from the my_Pro website.
Also included are Advanced Replay / Freeze Frame Options and simultaneous capture from up to four (4) cameras (digital, analog or mixed).


Putting Analysis

Tomi Pro (The Optimal Motion Instructor)
Tomi Pro records the most critical parameters of your putting stroke in real-time. It is the only putting training device that visually records 8 key parameters.
1. Alignment at Address
2. Alignment at Impact
3. Path at Impact
4. Stroke Path and Rotation
5. Rise Angle
6. Impact spot
7. Speed at Impact
8. Stroke Tempo
This assessment tool helps correct the changes needed to make a more reliable and consistent putting stroke. Tomi’s visual data collection tells me instantly what the student is doing well and what they need to change . This revolutionary system provides performance data that allows me to deliver a very effective putting lesson.
In Non-Technical Terms, Here’s What Happens…
• Tomi’s transmitter clip moves in perfect unison with the putter.
• The clip signals putter motions to the Tomi base unit.
• The base unit performs a sequence of algorithms and transmits results to the system computer.
• Tomi’s stroke analysis software converts the data into easy-to-understand, and easy-to-explain charts and graphs. As seen in the picture below.