Why not get a Video Analysis Lesson with the V1 system where a picture says a thousand words?! Very often in what you think you are doing in your golf swing and what your are actually doing can be completely different. Check out the online demo of the V1 Video analysis.

Ease of use!

The user interface is simple, clean and efficient
All the operating tools are on one page for easy access
With a Windows look and feel, training is straight forward and fast

Automatic Capture and replay

Video capture technology was specifically designed for sports motion
It captures only the “desired event”…the swing, the throw, the serve, the jump shot….after the event has been seen and decided by the coach that he/she wants the motion
With the “audio-based” option the capture occurs automatically..hands free, .no start / stop buttons to push
The captured video file is immediately available for replay, analysis, and library storage. There is no video editing required


Advanced graphics tools

Graphics can be drawn on “live video”…and will remain after capture
If the video is paned and zoomed the graphics follow

Voice notes

Voice notes can be added to any video after the video has been captured. If the video is saved and later retrieved so will the appended voice notes…excellent tool to capture key thoughts or “notes” for later reference
Voice notes can be of any length and played independently of playing the video
One or multiple videos can be exported to a CD including the added voice notes, graphics and text

Measuring tools

Velocity and acceleration tools can be taken directly from the video
A simple tempo tool will measure time between any two selected frames

Simple to Use Library

Saving and retrieving video clips is made easy with a simple “drag and drop”

Advanced replay options

After each video capture, video will automatically advance to a selected frame ( i.e. impact of ball hitting club or bat) and freeze on that frame for a specified time…an excellent tool to provide that extra look at a key position
Selection also provides for one or multiple automatically slow motion replays after each capture.
Or a combination…select two automatic slow motion replay followed by a freeze on the frame as the ball leaves the hand!